What’s New at LoftyFiber

Our new blog section will grow to have knowledge resources for equipment and weaving in general, planning tools and project ideas for weavers, spinners and yarn/fiber lovers in general.  We have a knowledge base that should grow over time, so check back frequently.   Also if you have suggestions for things you’d like to see posted, let us know!  We also will be developing and posting some planning and design tools.

I’m excited about a new planning tool to help calculate warp spread in a reed or raddle.  It’s available on this site and is a free online tool.   Whether you are trying to figure out how to get 28 ends per inch out of a 12 dent reed when you’ve used warping groups of 3 or perhaps you have a Louet loom and want to figure out a nice pattern to get your 28 ends per inch in the raddle, this tool can let you try out different combinations to come close to your target ends per inch.  It also calculates the width for you if you put in total warp ends.  Here’s a short video showing the tool in action:

We now are stocking all colors (with few exceptions) of the 80 colors of 8/2 Brassard cotton and all colors for the 8/2 and 16/2 Brassard Organic Cottolin.

We’ve been carrying 8/2 Tencel and now we added 16/2 Bamboo to our offerings.