Warp Spread Calculator for Reeds or Raddles

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This handy tool allows you to easily figure out how to achieve your desired sett with the raddle or reed you have. See video for more info.

There is a metric and imperial version to calculate warp spread.  In addition there is a tab with a standard table that gives some warp spread patterns by reed size and sett.

The tool also helps you decide how to spread your warp across a Louet raddle (2 dents per cm) to achieve your ends per inch goal.   Knowing that you do not want to split a winding group, you can put multiples of your winding group into the dents.  By winding group, I mean how many ends you held at once when winding your warp.   For example, when warping back to front, if you wind with two threads held together and used in the same path of the cross, keep multiples of 2 in each raddle slot.

Simply put a proposed number of threads per dent, enter the “size” of your reed or raddle and the sett will be calculated.  Continue to tweak until you are happy with the result.  As a final check enter the number of warp ends and the width in the reed will be calculated for you.