TempoTreadle Menu Options

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Click this link to see TempoTreadle in action on a Spring Loom followed by a walk through and explanation of the menu options on the TempoTreadle system unit:  Video link 

The menu option most often used is WEAVE.   That’s menu option just takes you to the weave screen, where you’ll spend most of your time!

The default Weave Screen shows three pick sequences (prior, current and next).   The color of the weft yarn is displayed as a dot beside each pick and the treadle(s) or levers are shown by numbers.

You can renumber treadles or levers by going to the Project Setup screen and selecting Treadle Array.

You may use Project Progress during weaving to check the length of your woven piece, set alerts or reset pick counters for the next woven piece on your warp.