Louet Spring – Troubleshooting Tips

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Shed not “Clean”

  • If the shed has some bottom threads higher than others on certain treadles, you’ll introduce mistakes in your cloth if the shuttle passes under those high bottom threads.   If you notice this happening,  note the treadle that you were pressing and look at the tie-up cords on that treadle.  If one of the tie-up cords is missing from one of the screws, then you may have solved your problem.   The upper lams (longer texsolv cords) control the bottom threads.  If one of those cords has slipped off the corresponding screw the bottom threads may raise up just enough to catch your shuttle.
  • If all or most of the treadles do not produce a clean shed, go through the exercise as explained in the Louet Spring Installation manual of putting the locking pin in place and being sure the shafts and lamms are level.    If they are not level, refer to this document for more information on making adjustments.

Threads do not rest on shuttle race

  • The beater level may need to be raised.  Do this by turning the hinges at the bottom of the beater.   If the loom is already warped, generate the slack you need to lift the beater mechanism a few inches by loosening the warp on the backbeam.

Treadle is “locked”

  • If suddenly one of your treadles won’t move, check to see if a tie-up cord has gotten looped around one of the treadles in the back.  Sometimes the longer tie-up cords can have enough slack to get themselves into trouble!  Verify that all the tie-up cords are looped from the shaft tot he corresponding screw and not getting snagged on another treadle or treadle screw.
  • Check to see that all screws on the treadles are tied up to each shaft in use.
  • Check to see that the tieup cords from the upper and lower lamms of the same shaft are not connected to the same treadle.