Hand Towel with a Lovely Hand

This Summer and Winter variant provides an interesting surface design and color-play. It started as a narrow 10.5” warp using 8/2 cotton at 20 epi for a quick weave destined to become hand towels for a guest bathroom. I planned to use 8/2 cotton in the weft and warp. Once I started to weave, the design seemed coarse and unattractive on the narrow piece. I removed 5 inches of woven cloth from the loom, quickly zig-zagged the ends and machine washed and dried the sample. Although it would make an absorbent towel, I still didn’t the look of the cloth. I had some 16/2 cotton in some of the same and similar colors as the warp and started to weave with the lighter weight yarn; I immediately I loved it on the loom. I slightly modified the draft to extend the color sections to accommodate the approximate 30 picks per inch. I finished weaving and excited to see the results, I cut the towel off the loom and machine washed and dried the cloth. I was in love with the cloth! It felt wonderful and the color interplay was interesting and beautiful to me. I can imagine using this same cloth as a light weight fabric in clothing.  It would also make beautiful napkins.

Pick 5 colors for the warp and 5 weft colors. The 16/2 weft cotton doesn’t need to be exactly the same colors as the warp.  Watch the magic happen as you get a fine cloth with a wonderful hand and you had a fast loom setup with a 20 ends per inch warp.

I used Brassard 8/2 cotton (Taupe, Teal, Vieil Or, Orange Brulee and Charcoal) in the Warp.

For weft yarns I used Brassard 16/2Taupe, Venne Organic 16/2 Green Turquoise, Venne Organic 16/2 Fawn, Brassard 16/2 Honey.

Please see the attached WIF, SWHAND for the version with tie-up and SWHANDL for the lift plan.

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