Holiday Tartan Cloth in Organic Cottolin

I set out to weave cloth that I could share with my family to make table runners, towels, or anything else they wanted to do with this red and green tartan cloth. Not knowing exactly what sizes they’d like, I decided to put on a 9-yard warp and have them help me divide it up for whatever they wanted once I had it off the loom. This Thanksgiving we will spend time cutting and hemming, just in time for the holiday decorations.

Christmas Runner in 2/2 Twill

Christmas Runner

The Tartan sequence goes: R24 K6 R24 G24 W6, pivoting back and forth on the first and last sequence. Not familiar with Tartan language? R is Red, K is Black, G is Green and W is white.  Colors in the warp and weft will be:
Red 24, Black 6, Green 24, White 6, Green 24, Red 24, Black 6, Red 24, Black 6, Red 24, Green 24, etc. Try it out… you just start going right to left, and when you get to the last (W6), go to the left, then when you get to the first R24, start going right again.

This runner pivoted as described above until there were 300 warp ends. The loom was setup for a 2/2 twill and sett at 24 epi.

Brassard 8/2 Organic Cottolin is from 60% organic cotton and 40% linen from France. The yarn is as easy to use as 8/2 Cotton and can be replaced for any 8/2 pattern.  Expect some fluffy “fuzz” coming off the linen under your loom while weaving and in the dryer.

This runner uses colors Scarlett Rouge, Vert Fonce, Noir and Blanchi (white). 1 cone of each color should be sufficient to weave yardage from a 5.5 yard warp.  For my 9-yard warp,  I went part of a second cone for the red and green.

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