The Schacht Wolf Pup 8.10 and TempoTreadle

img_5646I recently received my new Schacht Wolf Pup 8.10.  It was delivered by a freight carrier who called in advance to schedule delivery.  I was excited to put it together the same evening that it arrived.  It was quick and easy to assemble; I just needed a wrench, and a couple of screwdrivers. The most time was spent putting heddles on the heddle bars!

As soon as it was assembled, we started configuring the TempoTreadle sensor array.   It attaches with the same type brackets as the Mighty, Baby and other Wolf Pup looms. The sensor array is very similar, but spacing is more like the Louet David loom.  It works perfectly!  I’m very happy with the setup.  As with the other Schacht looms, the optional castle tray is a perfect place to hang the System Unit.   img_5648

I put a Jaggerspun Zephyr warp in an advancing network twill with some color work last night.

I think this is going to be the perfect small floor loom to take to workshops or to demo TempoTreadle!



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