Raddles for Better Back to Front Warping


Raddle on Castle of a 45″ Macomber Loom

I am a fan of the built-in raddles on the Louët looms.  The Jane Stafford videos, as well as her new Online Guild have probably caused others, like me, wish they had a raddle with the finer dents on the top of their non-Louët looms.


Raddle on a Voyageur Table Loom

I have several raddles that are beautifully crafted in maple,  but all  have wide dents, 1/2 or 1 inch sections,  and I feel the warp is not spread as evenly as optimal for fine yarns.

raddlemacomber2Since we 3-d print parts for our TempoTreadle system, we decided to produce a raddle that meets this need.  There’s also one advantage, instead of the metric spaces as on the Louët built-in raddle, ours are 4 dents per inch.  That makes for even easier warping since I don’t have to skip a dent every 4 inches of spreading the warp.

I use string to wrap the raddle around the castle.  I’ve also used this for a loom without a castle by securing the raddle to the shafts.  At first I was concerned that by simply tieing the raddle, it would slip down as I spread the warp or wound it on.   Surprisingly this has not been a problem! I’ve also taught students this method using the 3-d printed raddle and it’s worked really well.

After using this on 4 different looms and about 6 warps, it’s my new “go-to” raddle for every loom except for my Louets.  On the Voyageur table loom, I used masking tape to secure a piece of a paper from a grocery bag to keep warp ends from tangling in the levers. For the floor looms, I haven’t needed to do anything other than tie the raddle to the top with a piece of string on each end.

We can make a raddle for you.  We put up a product listing in several widths.  If you need another width, let us know.   We print the raddles in sections and attach them before shipping in a long box.  They are very light weight and somewhat flexible.   If you do not have a flat surface on the top of your loom, you may need to secure the raddle to a thin piece of wood.  I haven’t run across a loom that I needed to do this, but I can imagine it could be an issue.

Here’s the listing: http://loftyfiber.com/en/raddle-4-dents-per-inch





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