A beautiful result – TempoTreadle assisted!

It’s always gratifying when something you put your heart and soul into is appreciated by others!  One of our original beta testers of TempoTreadle did a post on her gorgeous Cornucopia Placemats (pattern featured in the fall 2014 Handwoven magazine).  Here’s her post: http://fiberewetopia.blogspot.com/2016/10/been-spinning-and-weaving.html

She writes:

The design is from the fall 2014 issue of Handwoven magazine, titled Cornucopia Placemats.  There are 1035 picks in each placemat.  There are 4 placemats with no treadling errors in an overshot pattern.  I call that success.  Since the color patterning is in the ground cloth, I programmed the TT to let me know when it was time to change colors.  Perfect!

The TempoTreadle also helps with threading by displaying 5 threads at a time while you are threading.  There is a feature to help with tying up the loom.  And if you establish your beat, you can use the TT to help square your overshot pattern. 

img_2391-640x480 img_2389-640x461 img_2390-640x480

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