Harrisville Designs Looms – New Sensor Array Design for TempoTreadle


Previous Harrisville Sensor Array Design

Our trusty Harrisville Designs 8-shaft 22 inch floor loom was one of the first looms we outfitted for TempoTreadle with version 1.    In that version, we had a 2-inch tall sensor array sitting behind the treadles; treadles had a little cap on the ends to hold the magnet.  Although this designed allowed for many hours of stress free weaving, we realized that the design wasn’t optimal.

  • When the loom moved, especially when weaving on hard surfaces, the sensor array needed to be slid back under the treadle magnets.
  • The metal tie-up chains on the Harrisville could get caught on the treadle magnets, so we had to replace the tie-up cords with Texsolv.
  • The treadles have play towards the back and can move an inch or two left or right. This required double sensors for each treadle to cover the span.

TempoTreadle-New Design for Harrisville

As with most design processes, incremental improvements take you to places you couldn’t imagine at the
start.  After the successes on the design for Louet looms, we have redesigned the Harrisville setup such that the sensor array is much smaller, and the array and magnets are now at the front of the loom, near where the treadles are hinged.   This means there is less play in the treadles, so setup is easy and detection reliability should be 100%. There’s no need to replace the tie-up chains and you don’t have to worry about your loom sliding around while weaving or vacuuming.  The pictures show the magnet brackets and sensor array in green for visibility, but most will probably want black or white.


Sensor Array and Magnets

Closeup Side View

Closeup Side View

The sensor array rests on the floor.  An L-shaped bracket is attached to the loom with velcro so that the sensor array will move with the loom.   The magnets and sensor array are totally out of the way while weaving. The side view to the right shows a closeup of the magnet attached to the side of the treadle as well as the L-Shaped bracket and sensor array.

This new sensor array has been tested with the loom on thick carpet as well as hardwood.  On thick carpet, we found that placing two small squares cut from a furniture slider (such as those designed for furniture moving) raised the loom about 1/2″ and helped keep treadles from touching the sensor array.


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