Traveling with Jane at Holiday Time

I love visiting family.  But I could have withdrawal symptoms if I wasn’t making progress on my bottomless list of weaving projects! So now with Jane and TempoTreadle, I have the best of both worlds.

I managed to get the courage to check my Louet Jane loom onto an airplane with a new warp, and she got through it without damage!  I have posted a few pictures for hints on how to protect her if you want to do the same with your Jane.  Maybe this was overkill, but it made me feel better before handing her over to the airline.

I took some stiff cardboard, actually from the nice sturdy box that Jane shipped in, and placed it around the loom together with some bubble wrap.  I then slid it into the Louet Jane Carrying case.

Jane getting wrapped in cardboard and bubble wrap.

Jane getting wrapped in cardboard and bubble wrap.folded loom.   

In the handy front zipper pouch, I placed a couple of  boat shuttles, also wrapped in bubble wrap, along with pre-wound bobbins  janebagto get me through the holidays.  I taped a few pleas to not throw the bag, hoping i wouldn’t see Jane flying  across the tarmac from my airplane window.







Here I am at my Mom’s, with Jane on the coffee table and a glass of red wine,  I can weave away!   Of course, TempoTreadle helps me be sure the wine and conversation don’t cause me to get lost on my little doubleweave overshot coasters!


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