Baby Blankets in Silk and Wool


We just published the pattern and WIF files for a very special set of Baby Blankets.   These blankets are heavily fulled and result in a very soft, lofty and warm blanket with a Heart motif in Huck Lace.aria

I think of these blankets as heirloom quality with their soft merino wool and silk.  The warp is Jaggerspun superfine merino and the weft is Jaggerspun Zephyr.   You can put on a long warp in white (as in the picture) and use different weft colors for each blanket, or also do stripes of different colors.
If you plan to weave these on a floor loom, WIFs are available fo download (as well as printed in the PDF) for both 8 and 12 shaft versions. Just a warning, the weaving requires
13 treadles so many of you with an 8-shaft loom will not have enough treadles.   However if you have an 8-shaft table loom, a WIF plan is available that will work for you.

This pattern has three width options. One is a large blanket warped 45” in the reed.   The second is warped at 35” in the reed, still a generously sized receiving blanket.   The third is warped at 25” for a smaller “stroller” blanket.   The blankets aren’t only for babies; make a large one for a special grown up!lilac-teal

These aren’t the blankets you’ll want to toss in the washer and dryer, however you can hand wash them, roll in towels to squeeze out water and air dry without fear.

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