Scarf of lucky colors

I recently purchased a copy of Pattie Graver’s “Next Steps in Weaving”. It’s published by Interweave Press, and can be purchased from Interweave, Amazon and many other outlets. I was surprised to find my copy in a local fabric store. Maybe handweaving is becoming more commonplace!

This is a very helpful book, especially for newer weavers. I always like to see technique sprinkled with beautiful projects. A couple of these call for Jaggerspun Zephyr, which we carry at LoftyFiber. I keep putting on more scarves using Zephyr, loving the yarn in every pattern I try.

Pattie Graver has a pretty one she calls “Scarf of Lucky Colors”. According to Pattie, the colors Indigo, Jade and Aegean blue sell well in Handwovens, thus the name “lucky”. They are colors I love in Zephyr as well, so I may have to make one.

For this scarf, a 100-gram skein in Indigo, and a 50-gram skein in each Jade and Aegean Blue will make a scarf, with plenty of leftover Zephyr!

The project calls for 660 yards of indigo; a 100-gram skein has 1120 yards. The project calls for 230 yards of each Jade and Aegean Blue; a 50-gram skein has 560 yards.

Of course you can also buy cones of colors you plan to use a lot!

Another beautiful scarf in the book is called “Hydrangea”. What I love about this scarf is it uses up small amounts of Zephyr that you have on hand, such as from leftover bobbins.

Pattie also feature several projects in Pearl Cotton. We do carry the UKI Supreme mercerized (pearl) cottons.

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